477 Carter Loop Rd.

Just added solar panels so it makes the electric bill very economical. Great home three bedrooms, two baths. Three car garage with a fenced back yard. Wood floors. In October 2017 we had 20 solar panels installed on the roof of the house. The panels are black and blend nicely with the roof maintaining the aesthetic of the house. The solar panels have a 25 year linear power performance guarantee and a 12 year module product warranty. Thanks to the panels our last three monthly electric bills have been $13.51, $30.98, and $61.42. Saving us quite a bit during this hot, hot summer season. For a direct comparison, in May-June 2017 (before panels) we used 1,267 KWH. For May-June 2018 (after panels) we used 177 KWH. That is an 86% decrease from last year in our billed electric usage.

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